Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR has always been an integral part of Sevenseas International. We believe that to be successful as a company, we must act responsibly and with integrity in all areas of our activities.

Being part of the recycling industry is our first step towards preserving the environment, not only for the current generation but also for future generations. We as an organisation are committed to operate in a manner that is consistent with relevant good practice in relation to social responsibility.

At Sevenseas, we not only focus on increasing profits, but at the same time consider the impact of our activities on the environment, people and community around us. Thus we strongly demonstrate our commitment to the four pillars of corporate responsibility:

1. Our Environment
2. Our Team
3. Our Marketplace
4. Our Community

Our Environment

Being part of the recycling industry is our first step towards preserving the environment. We operate in a manner to minimise any harm to the environment. Planting new trees across the globe is also a cause we highly support through various charities

Our Team

Every member of the Sevenseas team is treated with respect and appreciation. While working towards the success of our organisation, we also take into consideration the development of our staff and their individual success. Sevenseas is a people’s company; and we believe our team is the most valued asset we have, helping the company move forward and achieve success.

Our Marketplace

Treating our customers and trading partners with honesty and integrity is the key to our success. We ensure our business practices are ethical and encourage positive relationships with all of our stakeholders.

Our Community

We as an organisation, ensure we have a positive impact on the local community, regardless of wherever we operate from across the world. We support and encourage everyone at Sevenseas to participate in activities that will benefit the community. At the end of every financial year, a set percentage of our profit is donated for a good cause and we are proud to support the deserving charities. We regularly encourage our customers and trading partners to support these charities and be part of a good cause. We also encourage Microfinance within the community to spur entrepreneurship, increase incomes, and alleviate poverty.

Below are the charities we support

Please donate to these charities.